Maison Cashmere

The Excellence of Made in Italy Knitwear Revolutionizing the Industry

Maison Cashmere stands out as a knitwear industry leader in the Italian fashion scene.

Maison Cashmere stands out as a knitwear industry leader in the Italian fashion scene. Since its establishment in 2014, Maison Cashmere has gained recognition and admiration in more than 100 nations due to the market's dearth of high-end knitwear at reasonable rates. 

The company was a fashion industry innovator in adopting a "on-demand" business strategy. Maison Cashmere innovated the strategy in a sector known for its protracted lead times and high manufacturing volumes. It consistently accumulated orders during its first year of business, produced and delivered them in 20 days. Through clever software use and process improvement, this idea was refined over time, going from two weekly productions to daily productions. The idea of Maison Cashmere altered the terms of the game while also speeding up consumer wait times.

Precious Materials and Fine Quality: Sustainable Luxury 

Products from Maison Cashmere stand out for their remarkable quality and elegance. The company makes sure the best materials are used by working with the top yarn producers, many of whom are situated in the Prato neighborhood. This dedication is motivated not just by the choice of premium wool, but also by the morals that underlie each thread. This focus on the little things results in knitwear that exudes Italian brilliance and beauty. 

Maison Cashmere combines awareness, openness, and elegance in their buying experience. Customers are actively involved in every phase of the process, going beyond a straightforward transactional one. A thorough communication system keeps consumers informed of the status of their purchases while attentive customer care offers prompt responses. Each purchase becomes a unique and enjoyable experience.

Investing in Human Capital: Training and Development

Maison Cashmere exhibits its dedication to both excellent production and to the education and advancement of people. When hiring young enthusiasts, the company took a novel strategy by giving them an engaging workplace: "The goal was to provide a nice and youthful working environment first and then assist them reset their expectations of immediate results by providing proper training. Because of this, even though they lacked prior experience in the knitwear industry at the time, we chose to hire driven individuals. This resulted in a fruitful "first grade" of young, enthusiastic employees who were conscious of their inexperience and eager to start over.

Maison Cashmere has made innovation one of its guiding principles in order to keep its position as a global leader. It connects multiple satellite businesses with an internal management system to guarantee effective production and sales. “We oversee a group of three interconnected businesses, including an e-commerce site, a knitwear factory, and a shipping provider. As a result of this integration, lead times have been shortened, procedures have been optimized, and quality has been maintained. An internal management system that links these three organizations oversees group production and sales data while also enabling satellite companies to function while upholding the necessary quality standards.

Globality and Futuristic Perspectives

The essence of Maison Cashmere is firmly rooted in a dedication to sustainability. The business started out with an eco-friendly strategy and only produced what was truly in demand. The company's dedication to a sustainable future and commitment to BCORP certification are highlighted through frequent audits and certification.

The existence of Maison Cashmere in more than 100 nations attests to its success on a global scale. “We had websites specifically designed for the markets in Germany, France, England, Canada, and Australia, making us the first Italians who were experts in cashmere knitting to have such websites in their own language. Aside from South America, Russia, and Japan, where we intend to begin selling by April 2024, we also sell in America, Italy, and the rest of the world. As a result of our global presence, we have hired people who have a strong international spirit.” The brand has established sincere relationships with customers all over the world thanks to specialized websites in several languages. The business is putting together new product lines to fulfill the changing wants of clients while dealing with seasonal constraints.