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Giacomo Bacci

Experienced senior professional with a demonstrated history of working in business development worldwide and in management. Skilled in fashion and luxury goods, retail and wholesale business worldwide, merchandising, marketing strategy, textiles, and apparel. 

Established in 2014 amidst the vibrant creative tapestry and rich tailoring heritage of Florence, the brand GiacomoBacci has carved a distinct niche. Its hallmark lies in the meticulously crafted structure of Giacomo Bacci shirts, a harmonious fusion of materials and fabrics intricately woven to give rise to elaborate patterns, bestowing each piece with an unmistakable identity.

Drawing profound inspiration from traditional artistry and classical sartorial principles, GiacomoBacci designs embark on a dual journey: they pay homage to time-honored garments while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of innovation, bridging the gap between historical legacy and contemporary allure.

In 2020, a new chapter unfolded with the inauguration of Giacomo Bacci Studio in Florence. This space serves as more than just a store; it stands as a creative crucible where the very essence of garments is conceived and crafted.

At the helm of this visionary venture is Giacomo himself, a fashion designer who honed his skills through architectural studies and an unwavering connection with local artisans. Every facet of the project bears the imprint of his creative vision.

Giacomo adeptly draws upon the expertise of highly skilled tailoring workshops, enabling him to meticulously oversee each stage of the production process. From conceptualization and pattern formation to the meticulous selection of yarns and fabrics, his touch is evident. Through this mastery, he has not only defined but also personalized every aspect of the creation process, shaping it into an embodiment of his artistic identity.