Best of Instagram

Winning Strategies in the Digital Age

The digital revolution has created new opportunities for businesses, and Instagram has emerged as a potent ally in raising brand awareness and revenue.

The digital revolution has created new opportunities for businesses, and Instagram has emerged as a potent ally in raising brand awareness and revenue. BOSS and ESTÉE LAUDER TURKEY are two well-known examples of how businesses have utilized Instagram's best practices to achieve outstanding outcomes.

BOSS: An Incredible Launch with Instagram Live and Reels 

Hugo Boss, a brand that is associated with grace and style, has demonstrated how imagination and originality can produce remarkable results. By utilizing the features of Instagram Live and Reels in the middle of Milan Fashion Week, BOSS transformed the idea of collection launches. 

The objective was lofty: to make a big splash with the BOSS x Russell Athletic collection launch and draw in a young, energetic audience. A real-time baseball game that was transformed into a fashion show, featuring 200 producers exhibiting the new products in an interesting and compelling way, served as the answer

BOSS worked with creative and videographer Fred Stauffer, who curated Instagram Reels advertisements with 16 influencers showing outstanding attire, to intensify the impact. This strategy captivated the audience by fusing style with the thrill of Reels.

The distinguishing feature was the availability of the advertised products for immediate purchase via product tags. A companion campaign that included the influencers in Reels and Stories advertisements further increased the brand's visibility.

ESTÉE LAUDER TURKEY: Influencers and Branded Content

Estée Lauder Turkey gave an example of how genuine interactions with influencers may have a profound effect. To raise brand recognition and recall, the high-end cosmetics company concentrated on branded content. 

The secret was working with influencers who used interesting content to tell the brand's narrative. By utilizing branded content, Estée Lauder was able to express itself in a fresh and genuine way, grabbing the audience's attention in an unforgettable way. 

The effectiveness of the strategy was demonstrated by a multi-cell assessment method. When compared to conventional commercials, branded content significantly increased ad recall by 5.7 points. This demonstrates how genuine interaction with influencers may develop deep and enduring bonds with the audience.

Winning Strategies for the Future 

We may learn from the Instagram success stories of BOSS and ESTÉE LAUDER TURKEY that originality and innovation are crucial in the field of digital marketing. These examples show how a strategic and interesting strategy can have unexpected effects, boosting the brand's reputation and boosting sales. 

Instagram offers a distinctive platform for engaging the audience and creatively showcasing products. Staying ahead of the curve and implementing fresh tactics are essential for navigating the future successfully as a result of the constant growth of social platforms. A few of the various chances that Instagram presents to businesses include genuine connection with influencers, inventive application of tools like Reels, and the capability of rapid purchase through product tags.