The Magic of Sounds

Interview with Alessandro Franconetti, Music Designer and Creative Director of Evoke The Spectrum

The captivating sound universe of Alessandro Franconetti, Creative Director of Evoke The Spectrum, the first Audio Branding & Audio Experience studio in Italy specializing in sound design and the development of audio strategies for brands, emerges from a harmonious fusion of passions, experiences, and experiments. Franconetti began his career as a music video and documentary producer and director, but his love of music and the arts eventually led him to manage festivals and events. "I think of myself as a curious person who genuinely enjoys what they do. Because of this, my journey has also been characterized by brief love in the fields of communication and creativity in general. I like to think of myself today as a sound experience designer. It includes a lot of the things I do and want to do in the future. But the starting point, or perhaps where it all started, was my Media Ecology coursework at NYU, where I had a fantastic mentor in the form of Neil Postman. I still see myself as largely a media ecologist now. In the end, I arrived (in 2013) in sound communication, which I still regard as my cherished island” he claims.

The Magic of Audio Branding

The Power of Audio Branding to Inspire The Spectrum is a company that specializes in creating sound identities for brands and is run by Alessandro and his employee Maurizio D'Aniello. "The main reasons why more and more brands are turning their attention to sound to build strong and memorable identities, I believe, are mainly two: technological developments increasingly focused on audio media and the overcrowding of images in today's communication landscape," explains Alessandro.

The Impact of Sound on Emotion

Alessandro claims that sound has a deep influence on how people see the world: "It can alter people's moods in a room, evoke distant memories, and represent an indelible future memory. In general, I think the chances of achieving this result increase the more senses that are involved in the design of an event." Alessandro was particularly moved by a proposal involving an audio streaming network. The Evoke The Spectrum team designed an educational experience that was empty of graphics but rich in sound, capturing the attention of the audience while they were wearing blindfolds and headphones. "The crowd looked around as if to confirm what they were hearing. Amazing," Alessandro recalls, reiterating the value of audio as the "theater of the mind."

The Future of Sound Design and Audio Branding 

Alessandro is excited to see the development of sound design and audio branding in the future. Just consider voice assistants and their rising use in the world of companies when he says, "Artificial intelligence has been routinely used in sound design for several years now." The last piece of wisdom from Alessandro is for people considering a career in this field: "Curiosity, the ability to listen to a client, and always being able to put yourself in the shoes of new listeners." Sound experiences that are interesting and memorable must be produced with an open mind. The power of sound is only going to get stronger and have a bigger impact on branding and communication.